Tissue silk sarees are fine sheer silk well known for their distinctive characteristics of uniform structure, strength, and flexibility. The fabric silk sarees can be designed in trendy varieties like interlacing with gold and silk threads or printing in fancy colors. The technical term fabric is used in different senses in the textile field both in the handloom and in the power loom.  The fabric is a jari thread as fine as silk thread. Fabric or saree Owen by alternating threads one direct silk thread and another is a fabric thread as shown above. These fabric threads after weaving are harder than normal silk fabric. Just as the fabric made of pure jari fabric on handlooms is expensive due to the silver and gold content in the making of fabric yarn (jari). They look rich and also very highlighted. 

Based on design and style, the Tissue silk saree is a wonderful drape for Indian weddings and bridal ceremonies, parties, and informal gatherings. Due to the complexity of its nature, it is mostly suitable for formal occasions like weddings and ceremonies. A saree of this caliber simply cannot be worn for casual events, as they will essentially be unable to do justice to the beauty of this garment when worn informally.

Tissue silk fabric has an open weave and the magic plays here when the metallic threads are woven in one direction while the colored silk threads are woven in the opposite direction which gives it a mesmerizing effect. The fabric having a decent appeal is perfect for weddings and other parties.  Tissue Silk sarees have a brilliant sheen due to the use of real gold or silver zari weft on the silk warp. The sheen texture enhance the beauty of the Tissue silk saree. The exquisite patterns created by various bunches of Indian hand weaving on fabric silk are beautiful and in demand.

We have an exclusive range of tissue saree like mulmul saree in tissue blend,tissue linen ,crushed benarsi tissue saree. Tissue sarees are gaining popularity among people of all age group. Tissue saree are loved by our bollywood celebrities too. Shop exclusive tissue sarees from Satrangikala.

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