How to take care of my saree ?

We recommend that you dry clean your saree only when necessary. You must air your saree from time to time and refold regularly to avoid creasing at the same location over an extended period of time. 

It is also advisable to store silk sarees in a breathable, uncoloured, muslin cloth or a white dhoti cloth in a dry location. Avoid exposure to moisture as it may damage the saree or the zari. Also avoid ironing directly on the zari ,avoid putting in direct sunlight and any direct contact with perfume.

Put silica gel sachet in wardrobe to absorb extra moisture. Don't keep heavy silk sarees in layers ,try to avoid contact of sarees with each other. Never keep blouse inside saree ,blouse hooks get old and spoil your precious sarees. Avoid hanging heavy sarees or use wooden hangers in place of iron hangers to prevent rusting.